Status LED Light Troubleshooting

Yellow Booted, but not activated.
Green Booted and active.
Flashing Red (pattern does not change) Hardware failure.
Purple No SD card.
Blue Restarting: Reset button was held for 10 to 20 seconds.
Sold Red Hardware failure.
Two Red flashes, off, then repeat two Red flashes Hardware failure.
Flashing Yellow Lost communication to an access point. Used when in infrastructure mode.
Dim Purple, power LED off Hardware failure
Flashing Blue Updating CloudLink.


Status LED Boot Order

  1. Two Red flashes
  2. Off
  3. Yellow breathing effect
  4. Solid Yellow / Green once boot has completed

Reset Button Order

  1. 0-10 seconds: Nothing
  2. 10-20 seconds: Blue (restarting)
  3. 20-30 seconds: Yellow (clearing networking settings)
  4. 30+ seconds: Factory reset- Clearing SD card 

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