• Error Code Guide
    Attached is our full error code guide. This guide will give you troubleshooting steps for common FuelCloud App errors. 
  • How to Download the FuelCloud App
    Android Instructions:  Navigate to the Google Play Store  Search for FuelCloud in the Play store. App will be called "FuelCloud Business". There i...
  • Starting Multiple Transactions (Multipump)
    The multipump feature allows the FuelCloud app to authorize and track multiple simultaneous transactions on a single tablet. First begin by startin...
  • Filter & Sort the Pump List
    The FuelCloud mobile app lets you filter and sort the Pumps on the Pump screen. This makes it easier to find the pump you’re looking for. Filter S...
  • 1-Pump Mode
    1-Pump mode is an Admin option in the FuelCloud app that will let you pre-select a pump. Once 1-Pump mode is enabled, the app will automatically se...
  • Pumping fuel with the FuelCloud App
    The FuelCloud app is primary used for drivers to pump fuel. Follow the steps below to complete a transaction:  Open the FuelCloud app Select the p...

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