Driver/Vehicle QR Codes

To replace the PIN entry and Vehicle Selection steps in the app, you can use the device camera to scan a QR Code. 


  • Select your Pump
  • From the Driver PIN entry, Select Scan QR 
  • Allow access to the camera, Hold the QR Code up to the camera. 
    • This will capture the driver information, rather than manually keying in the PIN. 
  • Select Activate Pump
  • Proceed with the Vehicle Selection 
  • From the Vehicle Selection screen select Scan QR
  • Scan QR using the camera 
  • Disconnect Transaction once fueling has ceased

If you would like to purchase QR Codes you can do so on the FuelCloud web portal by following the steps below. 

  • Go to QR Code section on the website
  • Select Order under the QR Code type (Driver/Vehicle) 
  • Select the drivers/vehicles you would like to order QR Codes. You can select All or a Custom Selection. 
  • Select the Quantity of each you would like
  • Select Next 
  • Enter your Shipping information 
  • Enter payment information. You can use your existing payment method or add a new one. 
  • Select Purchase. 





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