Jobber - Record A Delivery

Fuel delivery can be logged by jobber drivers directly within the FuelCloud app. To log a fuel delivery as a jobber follow the steps below: 

  1. Select the pump connected to the tank you are filling
  2. Enter your Jobber PIN. To retrieve your Jobber PIN refer to your online Jobber Account 
  3. Select the Fill Type (Stick Fill or Gallons Only)
  4. Enter the Gallons Filled, Price Per Gallon (0 if unknown) and BOL/Invoice number
  5. Select Submit
  6. Select Close on the Transaction Complete Screen

Jobber PIN

Jobber drivers can be authorized to Allow Fills on customer's tanks in their Driver Settings. When a jobber driver is authorized to fill customer tanks their driver PIN will also function as a jobber pin, and their name will be recorded to the Fill transaction on the website for reporting and tracking purposes.

Fill Type

Gallon Fill will add the amount you enter in the Gallons Filled field to the current inventory of the tank.

Unlike Gallon Fills, Stick Fills will use the Ending Inches value to calculate and set the final inventory of the tank. The volume of the Fill transaction will be recorded with the Gallons Filled value. This will correct any discrepancy in the tank's inventory as long as the tank's dimensions are correctly entered in FuelCloud. However, be aware that if the tank dimensions are not correctly entered in FuelCloud, or if the stick reading is not accurate, it can also create discrepancies in a tank's inventory as well.

Price Per Gallon

The value entered in the Price Per Gallon field will be averaged with the current value of the tank.

Gallons Filled

This value is the total volume of fuel delivered to the tank.


A bill of lading, sometimes abbreviated as B/L or BoL, is a document issued by a carrier to acknowledge receipt of fuel for delivery. If your company uses BoL numbers, you can enter it here and it will be recorded with this transaction for future reporting or tracking purposes.



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