CloudLink Mounting

Identifying Installation Location

FuelCloud uses a wireless signal to communicate with the hardware, and your mobile device needs a line of site to the CloudBox to connect and unlock the pump. Select an installation site that is in visual range, and do not install the CloudBox inside or behind a metal / cement barricade. Since the CloudBox produces the Wi-Fi signal, it's recommended that the CloudLink / fueling locations be in line of site of the CloudBox.


Note: For mobile devices to connect to the CloudBox they must be within 150 feet of unobstructed line of site.


Installations must be in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NFPA No. 70) and the Automotive and Marine Service Station Code (NFPA No. 30A). The installer is responsible for investigating and following any applicable local codes.

Restricted Access

Access can only be gained by service persons or by users who have been instructed about the reasons for the restrictions applied to the location and about any precautions that shall be taken. Access is through the use of a tool or lock and key, or other means of security, and is controlled by the authority responsible for the location. Seal offs must be used when conduit is exiting an explosion proof zone. (class 1 div 1 or class 1 div 2)

Hazardous Areas - Where not to mount the CloudLink




  • 14.96"x11.02"x5.12"
  • 379.98mm x 279.91mm x 130.05mm

The CloudLink has 4 holes that allow it to be mounted in various setups:



Note: The CloudLink must be mounted 18" away from a Class 1 div 1 area. Pumps that are connected to the CloudLink need to be within Wi-Fi range of the CloudBox


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