Wiring Your CloudLink Pulsers (v1.4)

Warning: Do not attach AC power to the terminal marked “12V+”. This terminal is for DC active pulsers only. Attaching AC power to this terminal will destroy your FuelCloud board.

The wiring configuration for pulsers depends on whether you are using a passive pulser or an active pulser. All pulser wiring should be connected to the terminals 7, 8, and 9 as demonstrated in the graphic to the right. For more information on Pulser Wiring see Pulser Compatibility Guide


2-Wire Pulser:

Note: for 2 wire pulsers, it doesn’t matter which of the two wires you attach to each terminal.

  • Attach one wire to the terminal marked ENC INP - Terminal (32)
  • Attach one wire to the terminal marked ‘GND’ - Terminal (33)



3-Wire Pulser:

Note: 3 wire pulser if pulser requires 12V DC power.

  • Attach 12v power line from the pulser to the ‘12VDC’ terminal - Terminal (31)
  • Attach signal wire to the ENC INP terminal - Terminal (32)
  • Attach the ground wire to the GND terminal - Terminal (33)









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