Powering On Your CloudLink

Power On & Verification

After installing the FuelCloud hardware and restoring power to the pump, verify the following items:

1. Power to the hardware: 

Check that there are lights on the FuelCloud circuit board and that the LEDs are illuminated on the circuit board.

If the board does not have power, check that the circuit breaker has not tripped.


2. Bypass mode:

Flip the bypass switch on the FuelCloud circuit board, and confirm that your fuel equipment can dispense fuel.

Be sure to switch to normal on mode after you have successfully tested your equipment.


3. Hardware wifi:

Ensure that your FuelCloud hardware is successfully broadcasting a wifi signal. On a wifi-enabled device, you should be able to identify and join a wifi network titled “FuelCloud_XXXXX”, where XXXXX is the last five digits of the device’s serial number.

4. Test transaction:

Have the FuelCloud system administrator create a driver profile and pin code for you, and perform a test fueling using the FuelCloud mobile app.

The FuelCloud app may perform a firmware update on first use.

5. Check pulse rate:

Confirm that the volume displayed on the FuelCloud app matches the volume of fluid being dispensed by the equipment.





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