SD Card Troubleshooting

The FuelCloud CloudBox is equipped with a Micro SD card. The Micro SD card is used to store transactions that were not uploaded to the server. This is a required part of the FuelCloud circuit board. You can order industrial strength SD cards from FuelCloud. If you need to place an order please email If you are still under warranty FuelCloud will send you a replacement free of charge. Our warranty is 1 year parts only. 

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No SD Card Found: 

The app will display this message if the system doesnt detect the presence of an SD card. The Status light on the CloudBox circuit board may be Purple. This indicates the SD card cannot be detected.

  • Shut power off to the CloudBox 
  • remove and reseat the SD card
  • Power back on- Status light should change from Purple to Green 

If that does not resolve the issue it is recommended to replace the SD card. You can get this through FuelCloud or source one locally meeting the specs listed below. 


SD Card Specs: 

Industrial Micro-SD Card 8GB FAT formatted not to exceed 32GB

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