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Starting January 1, 2024, FuelCloud will begin charging $27.50 per month for each FuelCloud Authorization Device (Kiosks and/or FuelCloud-supplied iPads) that a customer uses. This article has more details about that subscription.


What’s the difference between the Authorization Device Subscription and the FuelCloud Subscription I’m already paying?

  • The CloudBox subscription covers the costs of supporting CloudBoxes and the FuelCloud web portal. That subscription allows us to provide real-time transaction data, customizable reports, driver and pump restrictions, tax refund forms, and all of the other features that your FuelCloud system provides
  • The Authorization Device Subscription covers the additional cost associated with maintaining FuelCloud iPads and Kiosks in the field. These devices have separate operating, administrative, and maintenance costs. For example, we operate a customized mobile device management system that allows us to better support customers who are troubleshooting issues.
  • While we were previously able to cover both sets of costs with one subscription, that arrangement is no longer feasible given the increasing costs and complexities of supporting authorization devices.
  • Only a portion of our customers use FuelCloud-provided authorization devices. Introducing this Authorization Device Subscription allows us to fairly distribute the costs of authorization devices to the customers who want to use that service


Who will need to pay the Authorization Device Subscription?

  • If you use a FuelCloud Kiosk or an iPad that is managed by FuelCloud, then you will be charged the authorization device subscription for each of the devices you use.
  • Customers who use their own devices (phones or tablets) will not be charged for those devices, but will be charged for any FuelCloud Authorization Devices they use in addition to their own.


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How much is the Authorization Device Subscription?

  • The Authorization Device Subscription is $27.50 per month
  • This subscription is charged on each FuelCloud Authorization Device that you use. For example, if you have 2 FuelCloud iPads and 1 FuelCloud Kiosk, you would pay $82.50 per month ($27.50 x 3) in Authorization Device subscription fees
  • There are no discounts on authorization device subscriptions for multiple sites


Why $27.50? What am I being charged for?

  • $27.50 covers the costs of operating and maintaining FuelCloud authorization devices in the field. 
  • These costs include the cost of our Mobile Device Management system (which enables remote support and device security), Over-The-Air updates to the FuelCloud app and device Operating systems, and sustaining our US-based support team’s ability to troubleshoot non-FuelCloud products (such as iPads)
  • We are separating the subscriptions to the software and the authorization devices so customers can choose which services they want to use and pay for.  


Why is this fee being charged now?

  • FuelCloud is committed to continually improving our products to make them the best they can be. Charging recurring subscriptions is the most sustainable means of supporting that.
  • A combination of both internal and external factors over the last few years have made it unsustainable for us to continue to bear the entire cost of maintaining mobile devices on behalf of our customers.
    • There have always been significant costs associated with managing Authorization Devices, but those costs are no longer sustainable for us as a business
  • In response to these conditions, we faced a choice between decreasing the quality of our services for all customers or adding a subscription fee for a service that specific customers are currently using. We’ve chosen the second option.


I have FuelCloud Authorization Devices that I don’t want to use any more - can I deactivate them?

  • Yes! After January 1, authorization devices may be activated or deactivated at any time in the Hardware section of your FuelCloud Web Portal.
  • Deactivation is instant - your device will immediately stop working, and you will not be charged for the subscription on your next bill
    • We do not offer refunds on unused subscriptions
  • Reactivation requires manual authorization of the request, which may take up to 2 business days

For help with your Authorization Device Fees please email


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