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  • How do I sign up for an account? 
      • Account sign up is quick and easy. We recommend signing up for an account prior to your hardware installation. For more information on Account set up, follow our Account Setup Guide
  • What are the Billing terms, can I pay by check? 
      • FuelCloud is a non-contractual monthly subscription. Subscription is required to be paid on the website and we do not accept payments by check or Purchase Order. For more information on our billing refer to our Billing Overview Guide
  • How do I configure the hardware? 
      • Hardware needs to be configured on the FuelCloud website.This depends on who is paying the monthly subscription. If it is paid for by your fuel supplier they will need to add the hardware to their jobber account and share it to the end user. If this is not the case, follow this guide to configure the CloudBox. To configure the Cloudlink follow (Need to create Guide). 
  • How do I manage my inventory? 
      • Inventory management can be done in two different ways on the FuelCloud website. The first is our standard method of entering deliveries and reconciling your inventory. For more information on adding deliveries use the following guides: Inventory Management and Inventory Reconciliation. You also have the option to have your fuel supplier enter the delivery using the FuelCloud App. For information on how to set up your fuel supplier to enter deliveries follow this guide. 
  • How do I run reports? 
      • FuelCloud offers a number of reporting options in multiple formats. For more details on reporting follow this link. For information on recurring reports you can also refer to this user guide. 
  • Can I bulk upload my driver/vehicle list? 
      • FuelCloud is equipped with bulk import options for both Drivers and Vehicles. The templates can be downloaded directly from the website. Follow this guide to import vehicles. Follow this guide to import drivers. 
  • How do I deactivate my account? 
      • FuelCloud is a non-contractual monthly software fee. Your account can be canceled at any time. To cancel your subscription go to Manage-Hardware and click on the gear icon next to your CloudBox name. There will be an option to “Cancel Subscription”. You can reactivate your account at any time by following the same steps. For more information on billing refer our billing guide


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