Inventory Reconciliation 

If you make a transaction adjustment in the past it can cause inconsistencies in the Volume, Price, Cost, or Inventory After columns. Other transactions in the tanks activity table will not automatically update based on the changes you made. 

We now have a Reconcile feature that will allow you to choose a group of transactions by selecting a starting checkpoint and ending checkpoint in order for the system to align the transactions for you.  

Reasons for Reconciliation: 

  • Add, edit, or delete a transaction in the past 
  • An offline or bypass transaction came through while a Reconciliation was taking place 
  • There were in-progress transactions while Reconciliation was taking place 

Steps to Reconcile:

  1.   Go to Manage and select Tanks
  2.   On the Tanks page, select a tank to view the Tanks Details page activity table
  3.   On the Activity tab, click Reconcile
  4.   On the Inventory Reconciliation page, to select the first point for reconciliation; click the Select Checkpoint button
  5.   Choose the starting transaction for the reconciliation. 
  6.   To select the second point for reconciliation, click the Select Checkpoint button. 
  7.   Choose the ending transaction for the reconciliation 
  8.   Once your starting and ending checkpoints have been selected, click the Review Changes button to move onto the Review & Reconcile page
  9.   Review all of the changes to the transactions before clicking Confirm.
    Note: Reconciliations cannot be undone. 

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