Morrison Bros. Tank Monitor Configuration

FuelCloud integrates with the Morrison Bros. 1218C Tank Gauge. This integration allows your tank's inventory to automatically update in FuelCloud based on data from the Morrison Bros. tank gauge.

What's required?

1. Morrison Bros. 1218 monitor installed on one of your tanks

In order for FuelCloud to have access to tank level data, you'll need to have a Morrison Bros. 1218 monitor installed on at least one of your tanks. Morrison Bros. Co. offers tank monitors with between 2 and 4 sensors. This allows you to monitor the levels of up to 4 tanks with a single 1218 system.

2. Connect your Morrison Bros. tank monitor in FuelCloud

  1. Go to Manage>Hardware>Tank Monitors
  2. Select Add Tank Monitor
  3. Select Morrison Bros. Co. 1218
  4. Select the FuelCloud Site where this tank monitor is physically located
  5. Activate the Morrison Bros. monitor to start your subscription in FuelCloud

3. Once this is done, your Morrison Bros tank monitor is ready to be configured.

To configure your Monitor:

  1. Go to Manage>Hardware>Tank Monitors
  2. Click the Configure button next to your Morrison Bros. monitor
  3. Click the + symbol in the first channel you want to configure. This will correspond to a specific sensor on your Morrison Bros. monitor.mceclip0.png
  4. Select the FuelCloud tank that's connected to the Morrison Bros. sensor in the selected channel. This will generate a code that you'll use to authorize your monitor from Morrison's dashboard.

4. Lastly, activate your tank monitor in the Morrison Bros. dashboard

  1. Go to your Morrison Bros. web portal. To access the web portal you will need a
    computer or laptop connected to the 1218C either directly using an Ethernet cable or through a network (LAN). Refer to the following link for more information: 1218C License instructions
  2. Click Configuration in the left side navigation
  3. Click FuelCloud Settings and select tank channel you wish to connect
  4. Enter activation code and click Activate button

Once the monitor has been activated in FuelCloud and the Morrison Bros web portal, it will begin sending tank level updates to your FuelCloud account automatically. Repeat steps 3 and 4 if you have multiple tank sensors you want to activate.



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