Bypass Transactions

Bypass Transactions are transactions done either when the system switch is in bypass or there is pulse signal detected without the app being used. If you are seeing bypass transactions on the website check for the following items at your location: 

  • Confirm all switch positions are in the Normal On Position. 
  • Confirm the pulser wires are twisted pair shielded wire and in separate conduit than the electrical wires. For more information on Pulser best practices see our help article: Pulser Troubleshooting
  • There may be an issue with your system installation where the pump can be authorized without using the FuelCloud App. Contact your installer to verify the system is properly wired. 

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Bypass Transaction Alerts:

Bypass alerts are sent when the FuelCloud system detects fuel movement without App authorization. This can occur if the system is in bypass. If they are low volume bypass transactions, its likely the pulser is detecting electrical noise or fuel movement in the hose after the transaction. 


Bypass Switch Position Alerts: 

The CloudBox will send bypass alerts when the metal bypass switch is changed on the circuit board. The CloudLink does not share this same logic. If the CloudLink is in bypass you will receive transaction alerts for volume but not switch position. 


Managing your Alerts: 

To edit your hardware alerts go to: Settings-My Account-Notifications

Hardware Alerts is the alert type that create bypass alerts. Each user can manage their alerts in this section of the website. 

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