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  • How can I set up an additional site with FuelCloud? 
    • FuelCloud can help track multiple locations on one account. If you are interested in expanding your FuelCloud system to additional locations please email sales@fuelcloud.com. Our helpful and responsive sales team will help get you in touch with a local FuelCloud distributor. You can also find a list of our distributors at https://fuelcloud.com/resources?tab=distributor


  • How do I install the Fuelcloud Hardware? 
    • FuelCloud install can vary depending on site requirements. It is recommended to use a licensed electrician when installing FuelCloud hardware. FuelCloud has an extensive Installer Certification program. This takes prospective installers through a step by step certification program to help answer any questions prior to an install date. For more information on getting certified please email a request to Support@fuelcloud.com.  You can also refer to our CloudBox Installation Guide and CloudLink Installation Guide
  • Do you have any recommended installers?
    • Yes! FuelCloud has several installers we can recommend. You can find a full list of certified installers at https://fuelcloud.com/resources?tab=installer. If you have an installer that is new to FuelCloud installation we recommend they reach out to our support team for more information. 
  • What are the specs on the CloudLink fuses? 
    • The CloudLink is equipped with two different fuses. There is one for each pump relay and another for the AC/DC switch. The Board Power Fuse is a 1amp 5mm x 20mm ceramic fuse. If you are replacing this fuse you will need to make sure its a fast blow fuse.The larger fuse on the CloudLink is a 10amp, 6.35mm x 31.75mm ceramic fuse. UL requres we ship with 10amp fuses. The relays are rated up to 30amps. 
  • How do Pulsers connect to the FuelCloud system? 
    • A pulser is the hardware needed in order to translate the gallons/liters off of the Meter or Dispenser. This is a required part of the FuelCloud system, but is not furnished by FuelCloud. This should be something identified by your installer in their initial site survey. The wiring will vary depending on the type pulser at the location. For more information on pulser installation follow (guide not finished per Drew) 
  • How do the CloudBox and CloudLink communicate with each other? 
    • The two boxes communicate with each other through the RS485 connection. The two boxes must be hardwired together. The connection is clearly outlined in our CloudBox and CloudLink installation guides. 
  • How does Warranty and hardware replacement work? 
    • FuelCloud has a standard 1 year parts only warranty. Our warranty does not cover any labor incurred when replacing hardware. If your system is outside of the warranty period you can purchase replacement parts. For more information on replacement lead times and costs please email support@fuelcloud.com
  • Why is my system not counting gallons in the app? 
    • If your FuelCloud system is not counting the gallons being dispensed. This generally points to an issue with the Pulser or Pulse Terminals on your FuelCloud hardware. Pulsers do have a tendency to fail every few years. This of course depends on the installation and use of the system. FuelCloud has an alert option if the system starts recording too many 0 gallon transactions. You can manage this alert in the Settings-My Account section of the website. This alert will let administrators know when more than 5 zero gallon transactions have occurred at your fueling location. For more information on pulser troubleshooting follow this guide
  • What does the status light on the CloudBox indicate? 
    • The status light is an indicator of the CloudBox and SD card health. If the system is registered and working the status light should be bright Green. If the Status light is Red or Flashing Red this usually indicates a critical error and the circuit board may need to be replaced. For more information on the Status lights refer to CloudBox installation guide


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