CloudBox V1.4 Wiring Diagram

FuelCloud Hardware Power In / Power Out

FuelCloud piggybacks power off of the AC input. Your wiring configuration will depend on whether the pump runs on AC or DC power. For use with DC applications a Class 2 power supply is required for the board’s power.



DC input requires 8-50V DC. Attached positive power to DC+ (terminal 1) and ground to DC- (terminal 2) as demonstrated on the graphic to the right.

For output power, attach the load positive load wire to DC+ output (terminal 3) and ground to DC- (terminal 4).




AC input requires 100-240V AC. Attach Line power to AC L (terminal 5), Neutral to AC N (terminal 6), and Earth Ground to GND (terminal 7).

For output power, attach the load Line wire to the AC L output (terminal 8) and load Neutral to AC N (terminal 9).



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