Share & Transfer Hardware

Share Hardware

Jobber accounts can share hardware with their customer accounts. This allows jobbers to pay the subscription cost for hardware, and also allows their customers to configure that hardware as if they owned it. Hardware can only be shared with customers that have added their jobber's code in their Company Settings.

To share hardware:

Go to My Assets and click on Hardware

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 3.10.09 PM.png

Click the Gear menu next to the hardware you want to share

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Click Share

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Transfer Hardware

Hardware can be permanently transferred between a customer and jobber account. This allows jobbers and their customers to choose who owns the hardware, which determines who will be paying the FuelCloud subscription. Hardware can only be transferred between jobbers and customers who have added their jobber's code in their Company Settings.

The owner of the hardware must initiate the transfer using these steps:

Go to My Assets and click on Hardware

Click the Gear menu next to the hardware you want to transfer

Click Transfer Ownership

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Select the account you want to transfer the hardware to, then click Transfer Ownership


Once the Hardware Transfer Request has been sent, the recipient must accept the hardware to complete the transfer. After the transfer is complete you will own the hardware and will be responsible for any subscription fees associated with that hardware. Hardware transfers can be cancelled by the requester at any point until the recipient accepts the transfer. Once accepted, Hardware transfers cannot be undone.


When the recipient accepts the hardware transfer, the hardware will immediately be owned by the recipient. Once activated, it can be used as normal.

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