Export to PDI Ascend

This integration will allow you to easily export your data from FuelCloud and into your PDI Ascend backend ERP. There are a few steps to get this integration configured:

  1. Map the fields from PDI Ascend to the custom data fields to your FuelCloud account
  2. Select the date range you want to export
  3. Download your data

Once you have your data downloaded you can upload it into your PDI Ascend software. PDI Ascend reports can also be set as Recurring Reports.

Map PDI Ascend fields to Custom Data Fields

  1. Go to Reports>Accounting
  2. Select Configure in the Gear menu for PDI Ascend

From here you can map each field from PDI Ascend to a custom data field in your account. Before mapping these fields, you’ll want to be sure you have custom data fields added that should correspond with the fields in PDI Ascend. You can add custom data fields in Settings>Company Settings>Custom Data Fields. Each PDI Ascend field is required, so you’ll need to have a custom data field to map to each field in PDI Ascend.

Select the date range you want to export

Once your custom data fields are mapped, you can select the date range for your export. The date range filter lets you select any timeframe you choose, or all transactions.

Download your data

With your fields mapped, and your date range selected, all that’s left is to click “Download” to get a copy of your data!









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