WiFi Connection Overview

To Connect your mobile device to the FuelCloud hardware users must connect to the FuelCloud WiFi Network. The FuelCloud WiFi Network is listed as FuelCloud_XXXXX (Last 5 of the CloudBox serial Number) 

For iOS Devices, once connected to the FuelCloud WiFi there will be a "No Internet Connection" Message. This is a normal precaution as the FuelCloud WiFi is not an internet connection, it is simply a connection to the FuelCloud hardware. 

For devices operating on iOS 10 and below you will have to connect to the FuelCloud WiFi Manually. To connect to the WiFi manually follow the steps below: 

  1. From the Home screen select Settings-WiFi 
  2. Select the network titled FuelCloud_***** (Last 5 of serial number) 
  3. Wait for the blue check mark to the left of the WiFi Name

It is important that the FuelCloud CloudBox is mounted in a place free of obstruction. Metal or Cement buildings can sometimes block signal of the WiFi network. 

FuelCloud still requires a cellular connection to transmit and authorize transactions. 


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