SMARTank Tank Monitor Configuration

Our system integrates with SMARTank Tank Monitors. This integration allows your tank's inventory to automatically update in FuelCloud based on data from the SMARTank system.

What's required?

1. SMARTank monitor installed on one of your tanks

In order for FuelCloud to have access to tank level data, you'll need to have a SMARTank monitor installed on one of your tanks.

2. Gateway Access from SMARTank

Gateway access to the SMARTank system is provided by SMARTank. Please contact your SMARTank Sales Rep to add gateway access to your SMARTank account. SMARTank charges a one-time $1000 setup fee, and $100/month for gateway access. This includes access to data for all of your SMARTank monitors. If you already have a gateway and applications consuming that data you must create a new gateway. If our integration is not using its own Gateway it will cause issues with your existing integrations.

Once your Sales Rep has completed the order on your account, SMARTank will provide you with a username/password for your Gateway that can be used to connect your FuelCloud account with SMARTank.

Tip: Before you connect to your SMARTank account in FuelCloud, log in to the SMARTank dashboard and make sure all of your tanks have unique Tank Names. Making sure all Tank Names are unique in SMARTank will help you select the correct tank when you configure your tank monitor in FuelCloud.

To connect to SMARTank in FuelCloud:

  1. Go to Manage>Hardware>Tank Monitors
  2. Select Add Tank Monitor
  3. Select SMARTank
  4. Log in to your SMARTank account using your Gateway Access credentials

Once you are logged in, we will retrieve tank data from SMARTank. This takes up to 10 minutes to process. We'll send an email to the account owner of your account when the tank data has finished. Once we're done retrieving that information from SMARTank you'll be able to configure your monitor in FuelCloud.

To configure your Monitor:

  1. Go to Manage>Hardware>Tank Monitors
  2. Click the Configure button next to your SMARTank monitor
  3. Click the + symbol in the Channel you want to configure


This will open a screen that will let you associate one of your tanks from SMARTank with a tank in FuelCloud.

  1. Select the SMARTank Tank where the monitor is installed
  2. Select the FuelCloud Tank that should receive tank level updates from your tank monitor
  3. In step 3 you can replace the FuelCloud tank's dimensions, capacity, and current fuel level with the data from SMARTank. Alternatively, you can continue to use the dimensions, capacity, and current fuel level from your FuelCloud account. If you choose to replace the data in FuelCloud with data from SMARTank, be sure you've selected the correct tank in SMARTank and FuelCloud before confirming, as this cannot be undone.

When a SMARTank monitor configuration is saved, the FuelCloud tank's dimensions, capacity, and current fuel level will be updated with data from your SMARTank account if you've selected that option. This cannot be undone.

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