Set Multiple Vehicles to Tax Exempt through Bulk Import

Our Bulk Imports feature makes it easy to set your vehicles to tax exempt status in order to use our Tax Refund Reports feature.

1) Go to the vehicles section and click Import in the top right corner.Screen_Shot_2020-02-21_at_3.37.53_PM.png

2) Select Update Existing Vehicles and download the template.


3) To update tax exempt status, enter one of the following statuses in Column D, “Vehicle Fuel Tax Exemptions - Text - (optional)”. Do not change the content of cell D1. Changing D1 will make it impossible to re-upload the spreadsheet.

Your options for tax exempt status are:

state - Vehicles that are exempt from State taxes such as off-road vehicles that are receiving on-road fuel

fed - Vehicles that are exempt from Federal taxes. Typically these are vehicles that are part of a municipal fleet.

fed_state - Vehicles that are exempt from both State and Federal taxes.

none - vehicles that are not exempt

You must enter the values as shown exactly - be careful not to capitalize any of the first letters in any status. There is a dropdown in Column D with your options as well. Every vehicle must have a Tax Exempt status, so enter ‘none’ for vehicles that are not tax exempt.

For additional updates you can make to your vehicle entries, see our complete article about Bulk Vehicle Imports for more help.

4) Once all of your vehicles are updated, save the document and upload it to the FuelCloud portal.


5) On the next screen,  you will be asked to confirm your changes. Errors are most typically caused by formatting mistakes - check that you have not capitalized any status entries, and that all status entries are spelled correctly. Changes can be made directly in the portal or in a re-uploaded spreadsheet. When you are error-free and have the data the way you want it, click Save in the bottom left corner.


Going forward, all transactions placed into those vehicles set to tax exempt status will be made available in the Tax Refund Report.

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