Odometer Reasonabilty-App Instructions

If Odometer Reasonability minimum and maximum settings are enabled for your company, you’ll need to have your Drivers verify the accuracy of their odometer entries. Drivers will not be able to activate the pump and complete a transaction on a vehicle unless the odometer value they enter is within the minimum and maximum range based on the last value entered for that vehicle.


On the first vehicle transaction you start after the settings have been enabled for your company, Drivers will receive a one-time message to inform them of the change.


The first transaction completed with an odometer reading recorded on a vehicle after the setting is enabled will set the baseline for that vehicle.


If an initial odometer value is already set for the vehicle:

When a driver enters an Odometer (miles or kilometers) the system will validate that number against any minimum or maximum ranges you have set in your Companies Web portal account under Settings > Company Settings > Custom Data


If the driver's entry does not meet the minimum and/or maximum thresholds you have in your company settings, the driver will receive a validation error message and will not be able to proceed to get fuel until they enter a valid odometer reading.




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